Neurofeedback is a type of brain training that can help with anxiety, depression, attention, sleep and migraines. Additional benefits can also include increased athletic performance and functioning, as well as improved overall well-being through Peak Performance Training. Neurofeedback requires a commitment of several training sessions per week, but can be a great addition to talk therapy, medication, or as an alternative treatment for those choosing not to take medication.

The goal of Neurofeedback is to teach the brain to behave in the most optimal and efficient manner possible. Our brains naturally seek efficiency, but not always in the healthiest way. Neurofeedback uses the brain’s natural pursuit of efficiency and curiosity to train and reinforce certain desired states, such as decreasing anxiety, depression, attention problems, sleep problems, and/or migraine headaches. Neurofeedback training can also help increase overall well-being and functioning, as well as athletic performance through Peak Performance Training.

In order to establish long-term change, regular training sessions are needed, with training ideally taking place 2-3 times per week. Although it is a commitment, most people completing a full course of Neurofeedback training see long-lasting benefits with little to no ongoing training necessary.

Neurofeedback Training for First Responders and Veterans

Neurofeedback training can also provide excellent benefits for First-Responders and Veterans, or their immediate family members.  Specific benefits can include improved self-regulation, improved management of chronic stress, improved acceptance of unpredictable schedules, and decreased distress related to inconsistent communication with loved ones while in the field.

Unlike traditional therapy, Neurofeedback does not require extensive conversation. Brain-training with Neurofeedback is passive. Improvements will occur whether or not the client is trying, and whether or not they talk about specific experiences or stressors. Symptoms, behaviors, and overall well-being are monitored before each session, but talking during the training is typically avoided.



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