More than just a way to capture attention, the spelling of Inner Fōkus also carries meaning since “fokus” is the correct spelling of “focus” in German.

It is a nod to the German heritage shared by both Lori and Patrick, and is a reminder of the importance of our heritage, culture and environment in shaping who we are. It also serves as a prominent reminder in the importance of being able to occasionally break from current patterns in order to try a new (or old) way of doing things.

The name, and unique spelling of the business name, reflect aspects of the philosophy behind our approach to treatment. It reflects the importance of looking within ourselves and our situation to be able to effectively identify, and move beyond, our personal and family challenges.

There are many layers to an Inner Fōkus and it can reflect looking at ourselves as individuals, as members of a family or other group, or at our behaviors and how we interact with others.

More than anything, it represents the importance of letting the individual identify what an Inner Fōkus means to them.





The Inner Fokus California Office is located at

352 3rd St, #308
Laguna Beach,
CA 92651

Phone: 949.393.4219
Fax: 877.310.9920


The Inner Fōkus Minnesota office is located in the historic Board of Trade building in downtown Duluth.

We are located on the 2nd floor in Suite 200.

Phone: 218.491.0746
Fax: 877.310.9920