Professional Consultation & Presentations

Clinicians at Inner Fōkus utilize their diverse backgrounds and expertise to provide professional consultation and presentation services. Formats for these services can be individualized to meet your needs, and include arrangements such as group presentations or trainings, topic-specific Q&A sessions, Executive coaching, discussion series talks, private, small-group coaching and IEP/504B consultation and advocacy for parents.

Psychoeducational Evaluations & Consultation

A psychoeducational evaluation is not terribly different than a general psychological evaluation, but is used to answer specific questions about possible impairments in school. These evaluations are typically completed in the school system and can be quite comprehensive. Unfortunately, due to limited financial and personnel resources, it can sometimes be difficult to have these evaluations done in a timely manner at the child’s school, they are typically only completed during the school year and can disrupt a child’s academic day since the testing is usually completed over a period of several days.

The best option is usually to try to have psychoeducational testing completed within a child’s school to make sure the school gets all of the information they might need to provide appropriate services. School-based testing is typically more comprehensive than the testing you might get from an outpatient clinic as well.

Some situations or questions where the best option for your child might be starting with an outpatient evaluation include, but are not limited to:

  • Times where a parent has concerns about a child’s cognitive or academic abilities, but the child is not yet sufficiently behind in their academics for the school to initiate testing.
  • Times where the parent has a question about a child’s specific learning style and cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses as a means of maximizing their child’s academic development.
  • Situations where a parent is wondering if a child might not be sufficiently challenged by their current academic offerings. This includes evaluations for private schools (all ages), GATE programs, and evaluation of Gifted students.
  • Situations where the parent would like to have a child tested for cognitive and/or academic impairments sooner than the school can accommodate.
  • When a parent would like to have the testing process initiated during a break from school (school year vacation or summer break).
  • When a parent would like their child tested (for a variety of reasons) with a high level of discretion. (Testing in an outpatient clinic such as at Inner Fōkus allows for maximum control over information while the results from testing within the schools usually become a permanent part of a child’s academic record. We are happy to provide a limited information report in addition to a more comprehensive evaluation report.)
  • When previous evaluations have been done by the school, or by another professional, but you are concerned about whether or not something may have been missed, or would like a second opinion.
  • When previous testing has been done, and a 504B plan or Individual Educational Plan (IEP) is in place, but the child is not seeming to progress, or problems persist.
  • High profile individuals, or the children of high profile Individuals/VIPs desiring discreet, yet objective and high quality services. Dr. Lori and Dr. Patrick are experienced working with individuals with a high public profile and/or notoriety. We are happy to provide discreet, high level care with particular attention to the major and nuanced challenges usually accompany high profile families.

As a disclaimer, there can occasionally be resistance from insurance for reimbursement for testing that is identified as being necessary for strictly educational purposes (they want the school to pay for it). Private payment for services is always an option in those cases. Please contact Inner Fōkus for a free consultation with a doctoral level licensed psychologist about your situation and needs.



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