Video Therapy & Evaluations (Telemedicine)

The clinicians at Inner Fōkus are proud to be on the front edge of making sure excellent clinical care is available and flexible enough to fit into your busy life through secure video therapy (telemedicine). Research shows that high quality treatment via video is just as effective as face-to-face sessions, and it is amazingly easy and convenient. Therapy can now be something done anywhere you have a good internet connection or smartphone signal.

Adding to the convenience and effectiveness of therapy via telemedicine, Dr. Patrick has also been able to make most diagnostic evaluations possible through video sessions. Over the past several years, Dr. Patrick has focused on making high quality, integrated psychological evaluations more accessible and cost effective. Utilizing early adoption of emerging psychological testing technology, Dr. Patrick has been able to develop expertise in the utilization of technology-based tools in the evaluation process, and most evaluations can now be done via telemedicine/video. This can be for comprehensive diagnostic evaluations, or collaborating with other providers to provide initial assessments and/or follow-up monitoring. Never before has a clear understanding of the underlying problems been so accessible.

Nearly all major insurance providers cover video therapy for MN residents the same way they cover in-person visits. Inner Fōkus is credentialed as an In-Network Provider for most major MN health insurance companies. Please review our Payment Options section for more information.

Inner Fōkus continues to pursue insurance company credentialing in CA, but is unable to bill as an In-Network provider at this time. We are happy to accept payment and provide a Super Bill so you can pursue reimbursement for services from your insurance company. Please review our Payment Options section for more information.

Video Therapy & Evaluations (Telehealth/Teletherapy)

Inner Fōkus is proud to be a leading provider of teletherapy services, ensuring excellent mental health services are widely accessible and convenient. Our expertise allows us to provide Executive Coaching, individual, couples, and group therapy/training using reliable, secure high-quality video tools. Our teletherapy appointments can take place nearly anywhere. They only require a good phone signal or internet connection, and a computer or mobile device with a camera and speakers.



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