Patrick Aleknavicius, PsyD, LP

Patrick Aleknavicius, PsyD, LP

California Licensed Clinical Psychologist #PSY21973
Minnesota Licensed Clinical Psychologist # LP5150
CA Phone Line: (949) 393-4219

MN Phone Line: (218) 491-0746

Patrick Aleknavicius, PsyD, LP, co-founder of Inner Fōkus, graduated from Argosy University in Orange County, California in 2006. He has been a licensed Clinical Psychologist since 2008, and is licensed in both California and Minnesota. Dr. Patrick has worked in hospital and outpatient clinic settings across the country and has experience with a range of diagnoses, levels of illness severity, and age ranges.

Dr. Patrick’s clinical specializations include psychodiagnostic evaluations, shorter-term research-based treatment, telehealth/teletherapy, and the integration of technology into both evaluations and treatment.

Dr. Patrick’s areas of interest and expertise include ADHD, childhood/adolescent anxiety and depression, developmental and learning disabilities, psychodiagnostic evaluations/psychological testing, psychology in the workplace, executive and life coaching, and telemedicine/telehealth/teletherapy.

Dr. Patrick is certified by UCLA to implement their evidence based social skills program, the Program for Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills (PEERS). To learn more about this program please visit the PEERS program tab under services.

In his free time, Dr. Patrick enjoys golf, taking advantage of our wonderful beaches, exploring emergent technology, and spending time with his family.

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The Inner Fokus California Office is located at

PO Box 65

Laguna Beach,

CA 92652

Phone: 949.393.4219

Fax: 877.310.9920


The Inner Fōkus Minnesota office is located in the historic Board of Trade building in downtown Duluth.

301 W 1st Street, Ste 200


MN 55802

Phone: 218.491.0746

Fax: 877.310.9920